Cliffs of Moher: How to visit in 2024


Shea Duplechain

2/24/20244 分钟阅读

Cliffs of Moher

One of Ireland's most breathtaking sights, the Cliffs of Moher should be on anyones itinerary when visiting the Emerald Isle. The stretch of sea cliffs on Ireland's western coast provide extraordinary views unlike anywhere else. Sitting at the edge of the Atlantic, the bluffs give you a towering view of the ocean below. In addition to the natural beauty of the cliffs, they also provide with you a front row seat to some of the best sunsets you will ever see.

How to get there

Bus tour

No matter what part of Ireland you're in, you can be sure to find some type of bus tour to the Cliffs of Moher. All of the bigger cities will offer some type of tour, though they vary in what they cost and offer. If you are planning to take a tour from Dublin, you will have many options to chose from, although you should plan on spending a full day on the tour. Tours from Dublin typically last 12 to 13 hours, so I would not plan on doing anything else for that day. If you are in cities like Cork, Limerick or Galway, the tours are a little shorter and also offer other excursions like the Aran Islands. These tours generally last around 7 to 8 hours, but do not start as early as the tours from Dublin. Hotels and hostels generally offer tours or discounts with tour companies they work with, so those are always a great way to book a tour or learn more information about them. Even if you decide not to book with them, I always recommend asking them for recommendations and general information. Paddywagon is a popular tour company and offer many day trip options out of a few different cities.

Rental car

Although getting to the Cliffs of Moher with a rental car is an option, I would advise against it, especially if you are under 25. Rental prices can be expensive, and there is only one rental company in Ireland that is willing to rent to people under 25. While having the freedom to drive anywhere in Ireland is great, it is not the budget friendly. If you are over 25 and still wanting to rent a car, rental companies can be found in any of the cities or airports around Ireland. Keep in mind, Ireland drives on the left-hand side of the road and most of the rental cars offered will be manual. Rental companies do offer automatic options, but they will be more expensive and sometimes even not available.

If you do decide to go the route of a rental car, there are three ways of arriving to the Cliffs of Moher. The most popular option would be to arrive at the Cliffs of Moher visitor center. The visitor center offers on site parking for a small fee and also has bathrooms, food and beverage options, and a souvenir shop. The visitor center area is just feet away from the cliffs, and offer well paved areas making it handicap accessible. From the visitor center you can stay in the paved areas near the cliffs, walk a short distance north towards O'Brien's Tower or walk the longer path south towards Hag's Head. This area will have the most traffic out of any of the access points, but is the closest distance and easiest access to the cliffs. It would be the recommended option for anyone traveling with children, elderly or people with health conditions or impairments.

The second way you can access the Cliffs of Moher is from Doolin. The trail starts at the Cliffs of Moher walking trail, which is just south of Doolin, and takes about 90 minutes of walking to arrive to the visitors center. The trek south from Doolin is full of scenic views and you can experience the highest point of the cliffs just north of O'Brien's Tower. While the hike from Doolin is a bit more work than just parking at the visitor center, you won't have to deal with busy crowds and you can enjoy all the local pubs Doolin has to offer before or after your Cliffs of Moher experience. Also, if you are reluctant to take this route due to the long trek there and back, you could catch a bus from the visitor center back up to Doolin for only a few euros. The bus runs the route everyday every few hours. You can find the schedule here.

The third and last way to acess the cliffs is by the walking trail in Liscannor. The trail is at the south end of the cliffs and will take you to the Moher Tower at Hag's head. It is about a 12 minute walk from the begining of the trail to the edge of the cliffs. The trail cuts through beautiful farm land before arriving the south end of the cliffs. From this view point you will just be able to make out O'Brien's Tower just north of the visitors center and a great view of the steep cliffs. There is a parking lot near the trail head where you can park for a small fee.

Helpful tips

When visiting the Cliffs of Moher, there are a few things to bring to help better your experience. I alway recommend bringing water with you when traveling anywhere, but especially here. You may be here for a few hours taking in the views or walking the trail, so it is wise to bring water with you to help stay hydrated during your visit. Wearing comfortable shoes is also a must when visiting. Again, you will probably be doing a lot of walking and even though some areas are paved, its still a good idea to wear supportive shoes. That being said, the majority of the trails consitist of stone and gravel which are often times wet. Wearing shoes that provide good traction will be helful, especially if you plan on going further down the trail in either direction. The last tip I have would be to bring some type of jacket or windbreaker. One thing for certain you will experience while here is wind, no matter what season you are there for. Having a jacket or windbreaker with you will help mitigate the wind gust and help you stay more comfortable.